Sell My PC (sellmypc.in) is a subsidiary of Smart Techno (smarttechno.in). We’re into this business since February 2011. We’re a trusted name in the custom PC building & PC components business. Our customer centric services have gained us a pronounced goodwill in the market. Contact us for any further queries.

Generally, we accept all used & old PC parts like GPUs, Motherboards, CPUs, Cabinets, Monitors, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives etc. However, the items should be in working condition & should be usable.

The price estimate will depend on the condition of the item & its year of purchase. Everything depends on its usability. We will contact you regarding any further enquiry about the item.

We aim to provide a hassle free way to sell used computer parts online. Your amount will be transferred instantly after we receive the product & have verified its condition.

After receiving the item, we will analyze & verify its condition. If the product passes all our tests, we will release the payment within 3 hours. Rest assured that if there is any problem, we will inform you about the same. You can also directly call us for any queries.

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