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Global gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer Inc. has recently launched its ‘Kraken Ultimate’ gaming headset which comes with a long list of features. With its light-weight and well-constructed body, the headset sounds great and gives a solid fight to the competition in the market. The headset comes with a hefty price of around $130. Even at that price, the headset lacks chat mix, which could be an eyebrow-raiser for many. Let us dig deeper and understand what all the Razer’s latest offering has under its sleeves. 

Razer Kraken Ultimate Specs and features

Razer Kraken Ultimate is a beautiful wired over-ear headset that comes with a 50mm with Neodymium magnets. The headset comes with USB connectivity attached to 6.56 ft long wire. The build is light and solid and clocks a total weight of 0.68 lbs. The mic is a unidirectional ECM boom type. Talking about the features, Razor Kraken gets its features from its existing headset lineup: USB connectivity from the Kraken X, gel-cooled memory foam for ear cushions from Kraken, and THX digital surround sound from the Kraken Tournament Edition. The headset comes at a price tag of around $130, which makes it one of the most expensive products from the Kraken lineup. Some cool features of the Kraken Ultimate headset are -

The volume wheel on the back of the left earcup and the surround sound toggle button above that. 

The mute button for the mic is built flush into the tip of the mic, which requires a gentle squeeze to the sides to mute and unmute. There’s also an LED to signify if the headset is muted or unmuted. 

The RGB look super cool while playing games in a darker room. The headset is a head-turner.

Sound Quality

Sound is certainly a part where this headset excels and lives up to its ‘ultimate’ moniker, whether playing games or watching movies. Its THX digital surround sound enables the user to hear even minute background sounds. This significantly improves the user experience while playing first-person games which are visually and auditorily rich. However, the headset is no audiophile and might sound a little muddy at times, depending on the song you are listening. The sound settings can be easily fixed by tweaking with the equalizer. You can turn on the ‘bass boost’ setting if you are really into high-bass music.   

Build Quality

Kraken Ultimate has a solid build and offers a great fit for the user. However, not every headset is built equal and might differ in terms of fitting for some. There’s no question about the build quality and material finish of the headset. The memory foam ear cups offer a perfect balance between the softness and firmness. The band is also solid and gives a secure feeling when you wear it. Furthermore, there is also an extra layer of cooling gel on top of the ear cushion, covered by cloth instead of leather that does not make your ears feel suffocating, ensuring proper breathability. Combined with a cushioned band, the headset offers a snug fit to the head which could be different for many based on the size of the head.

Should you buy it?

The Kraken Ultimate could be a great choice if you are a Razer fan and looking for an upgrade. However, the lack of chat mix option at this price point could be a deal-breaker for some. Check out Kraken Ultimate if you are looking for a feature-rich gaming headset that offers a solid build and sound quality, fits perfectly, and willing to upgrade your old Razer headset. 

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